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Make Sure You're Taking Proper Care of Your Baseball Glove

When was the last time you took a good look at your baseball glove? If you're not taking proper care of it, your glove could let you down at the worst possible time.

If you just shoved your glove in the bottom of your equipment bag at the end of last season , it might be in desperate need of some tender loving care before your spring season begins.

Think of it - you will spend a lot more time playing defense this season than you will in the batter's box, so it's important to make sure your glove is in good shape.

Proper baseball glove care

You should always make sure that when storing your glove, you have a baseball or two in it to help keep the pocket from getting squished.

Water is the enemy

If your glove gets wet during a game or practice, make sure to dry it out, or at least wipe the excess water off of it before leaving it in your equipment bag for an extended period of time.

Check the laces

If they're cracked, it might be time to replace them. If they're loose, you might want to tighten them.

If your glove is a bit dried out, try using a lanolin-based cream to bring the leather back to life. I'm not a big fan of oiling the leather for a couple of reasons.

Oil is the enemy, too

First, oil eventually breaks the leather down. Second, it makes the glove heavy.

Need your glove worked on? I can relace and recondition your glove and get it back in game shape quickly.

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