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Calling All Pitchers!

Now that we're into the New Year, it's time to start thinking about your coming spring season, especially if you're a pitcher.

Hopefully you took plenty of well-deserved time off after your fall season and you're looking to get reach for spring 2023.

Your preseason throwing program should include a number of things -

  • Age-appropriate strength training, especially your core. If you're in elementary or middle school, you're better off avoiding lifting weights, but there are plenty of body-weight exercises you can do to help get you strong for 2023.

  • Resistance band work. These are a great way to strengthen your shoulder muscles.

  • Progressive throwing program. One of the best ways to build arm strength and velocity is to throw. As you get further into the winter months, you'll want to increase the number of times you throw each week and the distance.

I have put together three different pitching programs (elementary, middle school, high school) designed to help pitchers of all ages get their arms in shape for spring, and stay that way through the summer and fall seasons too.

Now through the last week of February, I have blocks of available time weekday afternoons and evenings at DBAT in Mountainside. You can work with me on an individual basis, or if you have a couple of teammates who are interested, we can do a group session.

Please reach out to me with any questions you have. I'd be happy to discuss your particular situation. For available days and time, call or text me at 973-520-6545, or email me at



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