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Why You Need To Rest In November

The fall baseball season is coming to an end and you're probably going to want to take a couple of well-deserved weeks off (that's exactly what I'm going to do).

Taking the time to rest your body - especially if you're a pitcher who played in the spring, summer, and fall - is an excellent idea. Play another sport...shoot hoops in the flag football with your friends. Using different muscle groups, and allowing your "baseball muscles" to get a rest will do wonders for you long-term.

As you begin to think about your coming spring season, starting November 15 and going through the end of February 2023, I will be available for private instruction at DBAT in Mountainside on Tuesday afternoons from 3-6 PM, plus Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 3-7 PM. We can work on all aspects of your game including -




SPECIAL NOTE FOR PITCHERS - it's really important that you give your arm a chance to recover, especially if you pitched in the spring, summer and fall (not to mention playing on multiple teams). Lots of MLB pitchers don't pick up a baseball for a few weeks after their seasons come to an end.

Through the month of November, there are any number of drills and exercises we can do - many of which don't involve heavy throwing - to allow your arm to recover and prep for 2023. Reach out to me for more details.

To schedule a lesson with me at D-BAT, or if you have any questions, please call or text me directly at 973-520-6545, or email me at I look forward to seeing you soon.

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